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This new year, take 3-step resolutions that speed up to burn your gut/belly fat without exercising

Do you want to burn belly fat without exercising? With a strong mindset and stability it is possible to achieve your goal. As we enter 2021, take 3-step resolutions that you want to lose the belly fat and stay determined to work towards your goal.

Most of us don’t have time to exercise. If your schedule doesn’t give you time to work out, don’t worry, make sure you start following these 3 powerful steps as much as possible that will speed up to burn your belly fat.


By measuring calories, you can effectively manage how much you eat, and you have estimated calories depending on how many calories you eat and should be in deficit to meet your control weight goals.

There are many online macro calculators that will give you an estimate of how many calories your food contains and how many calories you should be taking in to reach your weight loss goals. What to eat and what foods include in a balanced diet. With these calorie calculators you have control over your food.

To estimate the calorie of your meal, fill your plate with the specific amount of food you eat, then use a measuring cup, tablespoon, or bowl to determine your serving size.

At the end of the day, adjust the calories for each meal and the total for the day. You can find the average number of calories to get the average daily count. It gives you the approximate number of calories you eat per day on average.


When you are in a stage of a calorie deficit diet program, your body will continue to send you hunger signals to eat calories. Because your body has a habit of eating calories and it doesn’t want to lose weight. But the ability to control your habit becomes a great companion to achieve your goal. Now you need to know what time of day you eat or crave more, and look for an alternative activity at that particular time.KNOW YOURSELF / YOUR HABITS


Intermittent fasting is a diet in which you cycle between regular meals and fasting. Fasting for 16-20 hours shorter, where it can usually be done even daily. Fasting for another 24-36 hours can be done two or three times a week. As usual, you fast for about 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.INTERMITTENT FAST

It will be one hundred percent effective, start taking intermittent fasting seriously. If you are hungry yourself, you can have black coffee in between, which does not shy away from burning fat and you have all the benefits of fasting.

If you crave food during this fast, then you can do light exercise because when you are hungry, fat is more beneficial by exercising which takes away the side effects of late work.

Now with three powerful steps it is quite possible to burn belly fat without exercising.

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