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Hand axe, also spelled Axe, is an essential tool utilized for splitting, chipping, chipping, cutting, and poking. Early Stone Age hand tools originated from simple stone tools which obtained wooden handles, or hafts, about 30,000 years ago. Copper-edged axes appeared in Egypt around 4000 BC and were soon followed by iron-edged axes with bronze blades; blades were secured to haft by various means… The axes likely came into use sometime between the beginning of the Common Era and the beginning of the Biblical Period. The first archaeological evidence of axes was found in Israel and dated at several thousand years B.C.
Hatchet and pickax – these two basic tools are the most common forms of survival axles found in the Old World. They were used by early man for splitting wood, cutting animal fat and soft flesh, for digging up roots and other plants, and for clearing the ground. A hatchet has a short handle and a flat head. A pickax has a longer, straighter handle and a tapered head. Many people used both of them.
Cross ax: This ax is a compound tool featuring an ax handle and a thin, wide-toothed blade. The cross is designed for splitting or chopping firewood, but it can also be used as a hatchet. A cross ax is used as a pry bar, which allows one side of the blade to be lifted up off the shaft and used as a pry bar to remove objects from the ground, including rocks. Most axes have a hinge that permits one side of the blade to be folded over the other, so that the two blades can be brought close together for easy use. Some axes have a cross bar with a notch that allows the blade to be drawn all the way to the handle.
Hoe: Also known as a hatchet or axe hand, does have a thin, straight blade and a tapered end. These types of hatchets are more popular with farmers. While they do not make very long or high throws, they are perfect for splitting firewood and for splitting logs. Some of the more modern hoes have a design that permits them to be worn as a hatchet.
Pike: A pole ax is a heavier and bulkier version of the ax. Its handle is shaped like an ax, with an enlarged “P” on the blade end. Pike arms are used in much the same way as a fireman’s pole arm, except that their blades are not usually made of steel. They are the most common form of ax among hunters and fishermen. Pike arms are also sometimes used as a club.
When it comes to throwing, the ax is often compared to a golf club in terms of its length and distance. The reason for this comparison is that an ax has a straighter blade than a club, which allows for a straighter throw. The length of the shaft is also longer for ax models than for other clubs, allowing for a heavier and longer throw. The ax is a versatile weapon that can be used for both defense and for fishing.

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