What to Know About WebEyeCare – What it Can Offer Your Eye

What to Know About WebEyeCare – What it Can Offer Your Eye

What to know about WebEyeCare is that it is a new revolutionary web cam product that promises to change the way eye care is done. As opposed to other similar products, it uses an advanced technology which is based on patented technology and the latest computer vision technology. What this means is that it will be able to provide the most clear image as well as a completely computerised view of the patient’s eye, which is a far cry from other products. In addition it also promises to offer the best in comfort, user friendliness and ease of use.


The way in which it works is quite simple. It works by using a series of infrared emitters which are placed at various points around the patient’s eyes. These then receive a signal from the patient’s own eyes that tells them where the eye is located. The system then uses a computer vision system which converts this information into a digital signal which is then sent to a small wireless unit. This unit communicates with the Web Eye Care software which works with the PC for a comprehensive computer vision system which is used for everything from basic eye care needs right through to sophisticated eye examinations.


There are several advantages that come from using this particular type of vision correction. For one thing, it offers one of the best ways in which to make sure that any problems such as myopia or hyperopia are corrected for the best possible result. The fact that it can be used anywhere in the world and in any lighting conditions means that it can be used with much more confidence than other systems such as Lasik surgery. As well as this it also ensures that the patient will not miss out on any of the benefits which come with laser eye surgery, such as the fact that they will have a better chance of avoiding glare and will not need to wear glasses or contact lenses in order to read or see clearly.

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