Wire Stripper – Tool and Hardware for Home

 Wire Stripper a tool for hardware at Home

In contrast to its name, a wire stripper tool is not only for stripping wire, but can also be used for drilling. The tool’s action is similar to that of pliers. The jaws are designed to grip a large surface area. Stripping becomes easy with the use of this handy tool. You can use this tool by wrapping the wire in a towel or blanket and put the stripper against it. It is helpful for removing the insulation from cables.

Spring-loaded, easy squeeze. Heavy-duty Wire Stripper Tool (TL5020) is a versatile power tool that includes cutting, stripping, and drilling features. The cutting angle of the wire stripper tool can be adjusted easily according to the needs of the user. The wire stripper tool includes heavy-duty spring-loaded jaws and adjustable, snap-on handles for easy grip.

Pliers. Wire strippers are designed to remove stripped wire without damaging the wire strands. The jaws on the wire stripper tool allow the wire to be easily pulled through the tool’s small loop. With pliers in hand, you can move wires and bundle them for easier storage.

Cable Testers. A wire stripper tool is another essential tool for those who run wires and cabling for commercial purposes. If your business requires you to run different types of electrical cable at home and office, you should consider using wire strippers. You will be able to check if every wire runs smoothly as it should and eliminates potential risks. This is especially important when conducting multiple wires at the same time.

Crimping Tools. There are specialized types of crimping tools for different types of cables. Each tool has its own specific function so make sure you know what to use for which type of cable. If you want to crimp the different connections between cables or between different pairs of wires, you should invest in a pair of crimping tools. The best pair should have different sizes so that one can be used for the task while the other is kept inside your tool box.

Terminal Jacks. A wire stripper is not complete without the use of terminal connectors. These help the wire stripper to cut through the insulation on both sides of the wire. They also protect the terminal end of the wire from getting cut or damaged. You need these when connecting wires to different sets of terminals.

Electrical Boxes. Most homeowners keep electrical boxes in their homes. The wire stripper is important for this tool because it helps remove the insulation from the wires before it is being bundled with other cable so that it can be plugged into electrical boxes.

Pliers. Wire strippers are powered by pliers. Therefore, they need strong, flexible wire strippers with ample grip. Most pliers have teeth that help grip the wire and help prevent it from slipping out of the jaws. These pliers are essential for ensuring that you cut the right size of wire since the wire gauges vary depending on the wire that you are using.

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